Welcome to the Technicians’ Club  of North America hereafter called   "T.C.N.A" (a website of  Techtronique.com)

This Charter describes the procedures and the conditions which govern the use of the service provided to the members on the site of  T.C.N.A hereafter called the

    While becoming a member of the T.C.N.A, the member will be able to profit from the services placed at his/her disposal by Techtronique.com on its site, subject
    respecting the present Charter. 

     Techtronique.com can, at its discretion add, modify or remove one or more services placed at the disposal of the member on his/her Site. 

    While becoming a member of the T.C.N.A, the member irrevocably commits himself/herself respecting the provisions of  this Charter as well as the laws  and the
    payments enforced in Canada and in the province of Quebec.

     This Charter governs in whole the relations between the member and Techtronique.com.
    Techtronique.com reserves the right to modify the content of this Charter constantly and to notify the modifications thus carried out by a simple  publication on its

1.  Membership 

    Membership with the T.C.N.A  opens the accesses to the services chosen by the member and are placed at his/her disposal by  Techtronique.com according to the
    term and conditions' of a selected fixed price and within the framework of this Charter.

2.  Conditions of membership 

     There are two ways of adhering to the Technicians’ Club. 
        –first  is of the " Free" type and the member has a limited access to the database. The search results are limited to the  first
5 found recordings. These results are
      automatically sent to him/her by e-mail.
No other module is allowed      
        - second is of the  "Paying" type and the member becomes privileged. He/she then has access  the  modules for which he/she will  have subscribed beforehand.
     Consult the various  subscription fees for more details.

Membership is opened to any person who, while being registered, provides all the information requested in the Membership Form, communicates one unique
  specific electronic address and identifies and discharges user rights for the site.
    Techtronique.com will be sending e-mails periodically to its members (T.C.N.A.) in order to keep them informed of  innovations or events which occur from time to
  time. These sendings of mail are very important for the development and the growth of the Club. Consequently, any member whose message could not have been
  delivered to him/her due "to an unknown address", will see himself/herself refused  access to the site until it communicates to us  its new electronic address to  the
  Site.( Techtronique.com.) and this wether  he/she is a privileged member or not.

   Techtronique.com prohibits any discrimination (sex,age,sexual orientation or origin) and accepts all memberships to the  Site. 

  Membership is personal and  non-transferable. Techtronique.com does not authorize more than one membership per electronic address.    Any exception, including
  the use of the same electronic address by several users or the use by the member of several  electronic addresses, must be approved beforehand by   Techtronique.com 

   The access of the member on the Site of the T.C.N.A  requires the use of a temporary password delivered by Techtronique.com. The purpose of this password is only
  to check the authenticity of the electronic address provided by the member at the time of his/her inscription. After becoming a legal member, he or she will be able to
   modify  this password.

 The password makes it possible to the member to be identified and to be connected to the Site in a personal and confidential way. The member is  responsible for the
 use of his password. The member commits himself in preserving it secret and not to reveal his/her password in any  way, shape or form. Any attempt to use a same
 password by different  users will result in a full and automatic cancellation of his/her membership and without setting in preliminary residence. Techtronique.com
 considers, and advises strongly, to periodically change your password to help avoid certain problems of frauds. 

  The Profile of the member  is a short description of the member realized and provided by itself and which must respect the terms of this Charter. 

3. Conditions of use for the Discussion Forum

a) - The discussion forum is to be used soley  to convey technical information and as a mutual tool for its members.
b) - Techtronique.com strongly disadvises to the members to include any personal information in the discussions as this information then becomes public and
 exposed.automatically  but however limited to the only community which form the T.C.N.A.
c) - Any correspondence between the members, other than technical information, will have to be done differently than via the forum of discussion.

Things which are forbidden for the members when using the  Discussion Forum

-   to diffuse any message or any information whatever its nature in  matter abusive, defamatory, racist or bearing reached with the honor or the reputation of others, or
 incentive with discrimination, the hatred of a person or a group of people at a rate of their origin or their membership or their non-membership of an ethnic group, a
 nation, a race or a given religion. 

-   to diffuse any message or any information, whatever its nature, threatening a person, a group of people or an unspecified trade mark . 

-   to diffuse any message or any information whatever its nature treating of pornography or paedophilia. 

-  to diffuse any advertisement which could become a  conflict of interest with the events present of the site or the future projects that Techtronique.com aims at
 setting up in the short or long term.

If such acts are noted by Techtronique.com or that Techtronique.com  is alerted by a party which the member does not respect the provisions of this Charter,
 Techtronique.com reserves the right to withdraw from its site  the messages of the member, to proceed to the automatic cancellation and without notice of its
 membership and to inform, if necessary, the legal authorities of the infringements which it will have been able to note. 

4.  Access to the Site 

Our host site guarantees to us that the access to the service is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except in the event of cause beyond control or of events out of
 the control of Techtronique.com and under reserves of the possible breakdowns and interventions of maintenance necessary to the proper operation of the Site and the
Techtronique.com is committed in making its best efforts to make safe  the access, the consultation and the use of its Site. 

The member states to accept the characteristics and the limits of the Internet, and to recognize in particular: 

-  that the member is only responsible for the use which it makes of information that it could get within the community of the Club of Techs where with  the outside of
 this one. Consequently, Techtronique.com could not be held civilly responsible towards the member of unspecified direct or indirect damage rising from the use of this

-  that the communication by the member of his/her information or password, generally judged by the member as  confidential, is made under its own responsibility.

Note: the access to the site will be refused to any member who carries on illicit activities and would have been found guilty of one of these activities by a court.


5.  Private life 

        AThe  information provided by the member to Techtronique.com within the framework of this membership remains strictly confidential and the names and addresses of
     the member will never be communicated to a third party without prior agreement of the member.

6.  Responsibility 

The member uses the Site of Techtronique.com under his/her own responsibility and at his/her risks and dangers. In consequence of what the responsibility of
 Techtronique.com will be able in no manner to be sought by the member for the direct or indirect damage which it could undergo because of use of the Site of
 Techtronique.com and information which is contained or difused  and this , whatever their natures, wether it be by the members of the community of Techtronique.com  or any other third party. 
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7.  Applicable laws 

The relations between the member and Techtronique.com are controled by the Canadian laws and the civil code of Quebec.